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Student research uses machine learning to boost Cloud security

Graduate students publish Detecting SQL Injection Attacks in Cloud SaaS Using Machine Learning at an international conference.

Meet Indigenous Summer Scholar Mohamed Crossman-Serb

Mohamed Crossman-Serb is working with Dr. Nora Casson, Department of Geography, to explore human influences on water quality.

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UWinnipeg and the WAG are offering a course to help gain a better understanding of why we have museums and why they matter.

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Our Shared Future: A Book on Reconciliation

A new groundbreaking book on reconciliation contains contributions from some of Canada’s leading scholars, including UWinnipeg President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Annette Trimbee.

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Meet Indigenous Summer Scholar Greg Meconse

Greg Meconse is spending his summer delving into The University of Winnipeg Library’s e-books, looking to identify and describe Indigenous language and linguistic content.

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  • 07/29/20 - Read the Summer 2020 issue of UWinnipeg Magazine
  • 07/24/20 - Farewell message from Dr. Annette Trimbee
  • 07/24/20 - Meet Indigenous Summer Scholar Mohamed Crossman-Serb
  • 07/23/20 - New course in art of cultural management
  • 07/23/20 - Our Shared Future: A Book on Reconciliation
Marsha Hanen Way
Published on Jun 25,2018
by Communications
Student Voice – Marilou McPhedran
Published on Nov 01,2017
by Communications
环球网_全球生活新门户_环球时报旗下网站 - 天前 · 环球网是中国领先的国际资讯门户,拥有独立采编权的中央重点新闻网站。环球网秉承环球时报的国际视野,力求及时、客观、权威、独立地报道新闻,致力于应用前沿的互联网技术,为全球化时代的中国互联网用户提供与国际生活相关的资讯服务、互动社区。
Published on Nov 01,2017
by Communications
Athletic Excellence – Bill Wedlake
Published on Oct 09,2017
by Communications
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  • 07/15/20 07/15/20 - Reading, writing and running (Winnipeg Free Press)
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